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The Tuatha’s Sidhe

The Tuatha’s Sidhe

By Xavier Séguin

The Tuatha De Danaan were a race of powerful giants living in ancient Ireland. They stayed there until the Celts arrived, then they left without a fight and went to a mysterious place called the Sidhe.
Their name means “People of Goddess Dana”. Heirs of science and wisdom of Atlantis, they had great powers.
Their tall stature and superhuman strength liken the Tuatha to another species than ours. They seem to belong to another world, or at least another time. When the Celts arrived on the island of Ireland, nothing violent happened, except their surprise. Celts warriors were shocked to find these gigantic demigods of the ancient people of the Elves. The warriors sheathed their swords and received the Tuatha’s education.
Many aspects of religion, wisdom and initiation of the Celts come from the Tuatha De Danaan. The Celts were listening, eager for their wisdom, amazed by their magic.
The Tuatha had conquered Ireland, centuries ago. Their predecessors, the Fir Bolg, were wild magicians, very cunning, who practiced cannibalism on vanquished enemies. Tuatha Cùchulainn has exterminated them to the last at the battle of Mag-Tuired. Since then, the Tuatha have lived in peace in the land of Ireland. 
And not only in Ireland, for the Tuatha were known to live in another place called Sidh or Sidhe. What is known about the Sidhe? Not much. This is the promised land of the Tuatha. Only they knew about access.
Legends point Niahm the beautiful, blonde daughter of the King of Sidhe. This princess doesn’t care about morals or principle.
Humans are here for her entertainment and pleasure, so she practices both. She is cheating, teasing, deceiving and abusing. Never accept food or drink from the blonde Niahm of the Sidhe. The slightest sip would make you her slave forever.
In some ways, the Sidhe appears a mythical paradise. In other ways, it is as real as ireland. Guess the Sidhe belongs to another world. To another plan of reality.
Legends say that the dolmens and long barrows are secret entrances of Sidhe. Should we conclude that it is an underworld? The Sidhe would it be comparable to the Hell, to Abzu, to Agartha? Possible … but not sure. Some authors have seen dolmens as Stargates. An underground entrance does not necessarily lead to an underground world.
See Tolkien’s  Lord of the Rings. I assumed that Tolkien, unwittingly perhaps, has found an important page of our history that he has unconsciously picked up from the Akashic records, while being convinced that he invented fables to his boys. This takes away nothing to his greatness, quite the contrary.

The most gifted artists and writers have also the gift of visiting at will the Akashic records, which makes me say that we are not inventing anything. Imagination does not exist. We think we are imagining, but all the time we are copying models from other worlds, or from our past.The most gifted artists and writers have also the gift of visiting at will the Akashic records, which makes me say that we are not inventing anything. Imagination does not exist. We think we are imagining, but all the time we are copying models from other worlds, or from our past.
This deep authenticity of Tolkien could explain some of the Lord of the Rings‘ worldwide success.
Now a new era is starting, it is hard time to look for roots. Wait a minute. And look at Gandalf. Doesn’t he look a lot like Merlin? One man, two names? Merlin/Gandalf was one of the most famous wizards of the Bronze Age, when the elves ruled the Middle Earth, which would be the Ireland of the Tuatha.
At the end of Lord of the Rings, the Elves boarded their ships for other magical land … in the sky. The Lord of the Rings tells us in detail that handover in Middle Earth – ie  Celtic land. And every detail is authentic, ifever Tolkien didn’t know. This was the time when the Tuatha-Elves have left the Earth to men. “Now is the time of men,” said one of Tolkien’s Elves, when leaving Middle Earth.
In the Lord of the Rings as in Irish legend, the Tuatha-Elves embarked for the Sidhe, their mythical land where they live in secret since then, invisible to human eyes. This close relationship is no coincidence.
This close relationship is not due to chance, which does not exist. But the Sidhe, he does exist. This is simply the name the ancient Irish gave Nibiru, the mother ship of Anouna.
On several continents, the word sid or sidh applies to the nobility, to demigods. In Europe, we have seen the Sidhe of Tuatha. In Africa, the Arabic word Sidi originally meant Lord, Mylord. It is now fades and means sir.
In ancient India, the Sanskrit word Siddha means “the Perfect Ones, a class of semi-divine beings which are characterized mainly by their miraculous powers and live with the gods.”  I.e. the Sidhe, with the Tuatha and the Hyperboreans.
In the gigantic mother ship hovering orbit over the North Pole. The Sidhe inhabited by Noble Sidi, by Siddha the Perfect Ones. Have you ever heard of Siddharta Buddha ? Obviously, this second world where Tuatha could live as well as on earth, even better, must be their “land” of origin.
Irish legend says that Tuatha came from the four northern islands of Hyperborea. Ie Nibiru, hyper-polar mother ship. All around the earth, the Perfect, mutants emissaries came from the stars, taught humans and human knocked up.
They introduced agriculture and animal husbandry, architecture, astronomy, gastronomy, makeup and the art of seduction. In short, they have refined manners, turned the barbarians civilized. Before them, our species was wild. Now the gods have domesticated us. Tears of joy. Hallellujah.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Universal Awakening!

I’m Not Going Insane: It’s the Universal Awakening!

By Rachel Horton White

I woke up one morning, turned on the radio and it hit me. “Oh my God. It’s not real,” I thought. In a flash, all of the scary stories, never-ending wars and the political hype fomented in the mainstream news appeared to me as one big web of deceptions. I tried without success to convince myself I was wrong.
Was I living in a delusional head space that I would eventually snap out of? Or was I waking up to what reality has actually been all along?
Last year, I decided I was fed up with my unfulfilling career and with re-living the same pattern in all of my jobs. I hired my own life coach and started meditating again. While reclaiming my spirituality, I started asking higher sources of wisdom to help me along the way. And that’s when things began to really happen…
Road signs would jump into my line of sight with messages that seemed to be speaking right to me. Songs on the radio seemed to be directed just to me. I tried to rationalize it all. Maybe I was reading too much into these things. But it kept happening and the messages were right in line with what was going on in my life.
As the weeks passed, this started getting stronger. I started seeing number sequences everywhere. First 11:11, then 2:22, then 3:33, then 4:44. Then a mix of numbers, usually on clocks, street addresses or gas stations, in some kind of orderly fashion.
I was fascinated with the repeating numbers. Through numerology, I learned that number patterns can be messages from the Divine, or ‘angel numbers’ (thanks to Doreen Virtue). Right now these numbers are being seen by people everywhere, especially 11:11. I have learned that this is the universe trying to get our attention. It is a collective wake-up call to access our true, spiritual nature as human beings — a summoning for us to start acknowledging the loving and unified selves that we really are.
You have probably heard of the “Golden Age”, or the “Age of Aquarius”, referring to the new spiritual era we are in. Many say it started in 2012, and that there would be an event to end the world. But December 21, 2012 was just the date of a new era in the Mayan calendar, the beginning of a shift in consciousness for humanity. This shift on the whole has happened gradually. In 2016, however, the awakening accelerated significantly. People are now noticing that we need to change our lifestyles. We need to find real meaning in our lives. Many of us can no longer tolerate conditions (in our jobs, relationships, etc.) that do not nurture our inner selves. So many of us crave to work with the earth, to help others, to connect with other humans, to nurture children or animals, and to live more simply.
In my own life, I decided to start a new career. I didn’t know at first what that would be. I’d always loved Tarot cards and learning about developing my own intuition. So I started doing more of that, and it eventually evolved into a business. Once I started following what my soul really longed for, mysterious coincidences (also known as synchronicities) grew more frequent. I would be looking for something I had misplaced and it would just show up right in front of me, as if someone had secretly left it for me there. I would be thinking about calling someone and my phone would ring at that instant with that person on the line.
I knew part of this was about intuition, or the sixth sense we all have. Maybe I wasn’t crazy. Maybe I had just been oblivious to the magnitude of human Divine energetic potential. I had been subconsciously keeping my higher self (the part of us connected to universal love) dormant for years. I had been blocking so much from unfolding in my own life with my negative emotions of worry (mostly about money) and doubt (mostly of my own abilities.)
It finally all started making sense. I had always been intrigued by what spiritual books had always taught me. But I never really understood what they were talking about until now. Concepts like “we are all connected” started to click. Now I really got it: we are literally all connected  by energy. And our thoughts and emotions affect our daily reality. Your negative emotional state emits some kind of frequency in the universe that can affect my energetic body. And my positive emotion can lift you up in kind. This is also known as a “resonance,” explained better by Gregg Braden (author of ‘The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief’.) And positive emotions, such as the bliss produced in meditation, have even been shown to reduce crime rates.
Like a water droplet jiggling an entire spider web, I started to understand how I could actually transform my life by focusing on what I believed was best for myself (and my soul) through my thoughts and emotional state. So I started trying it out on something bigger. In 2015, my husband and I were having another baby and our tiny house wasn’t going to fit four people. I made a point of visualizing what I wanted, wrote that vision down everywhere and talked about it openly and often. And I prayed. Then I started taking action, connecting with people and talking about my life goals. I focused on a home with more space, in nature, with privacy, near our workplaces, and in a loving community.
Soon after, my parents started talking about downsizing. They asked us if we wanted to buy half their house from them to convert the rest into an in-law space. I was so opposed to the idea of living in my parents’ house that I said no. Months later, after a comment from my uncle at Thanksgiving, I realized that this house was the answer I had been seeking. I had been blind to the opportunity right in front of me, out of my own fears. Fast-forward a year later, and we are now living in a multi-generational home along with everything else I had requested.
Here’s what I now understand. That even though we’ve been asleep for so long — thanks in large part to junk entertainment, bad food, soul-crushing workplaces and think-inside-the-box educational institutions — many of us now acknowledge some kind of magic in our existence.
We have been led to believe that we lack the ability to control and co-create our lives. Under the iron fist of traditional religious institutions, we were encouraged not directly to access Divine guidance ourselves. We were told that religious authorities (like priests) were the only ones connected to God. So we didn’t understand that we could simply ask higher forces to assist us in our everyday lives. And with the editing and omission of mystical truth from religious texts (like the Bible), we were unaware of the metaphysical powers within each human being. We didn’t know that we could actually create a reality for ourselves by using just our own thoughts and emotions.
But as in a deep slumber, many of us have now awakened. We are meditating more and tapping into our inner selves, expanding our intuition to receive higher guidance. We are taking action by speaking up for justice, equality and truth, by demanding access to clean water and defending our natural environment. And more of us are creating lifestyles fueled by spirituality, sharing our crafts in the arts or in music, farming our land or building something beautiful and useful for others.
To truly elicit change we crave, we must stop giving our power away to our leaders. They don’t create our country — we do. We can be proactive instead of reactive. And we can ask for guidance from whatever universal power we believe can assist us. We can actually transform our lives with this magic, through dedicated inner work, separating from the illusions about our reality and working to co-create our own destinies. Knowing that we can take back control of our lives by allowing our higher selves to show us the way is the ultimate liberation. For me, it has been the only answer.
This is a sign of a shift in consciousness, a universal recognition that we are connected to a loving, Divine source. And we have the ability to heal ourselves and our planet. Each and every small decision that we make matters – from what kind of shampoo we use to what kind of water we drink. But we must start using our power and we must start acknowledging our true spiritual selves. Along the way, we can ask ourselves: “How can I best be of service? How can I best assist others?”  This beautiful Hawaiian prayer, Ho’oponopono, can help us to set the tone for love and carry us forward. An ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and healing, it essentially means: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
This message of love will be what transforms us and our world.

About the author:
Rachel Horton WhiteA spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor and writer, Rachel Horton White supports others in aligning with their higher selves and their soul work through Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting and The Courageous Path podcast.  Rachel is also an amateur dream analyzer, pianist, traveler, writer, outdoor enthusiast, Tarot reader and yogi. Her most important and blessed roles of all came as wife to her soul partner and mother to two energetic, bright-eyed, young children in Portland, Maine.  Rachel works toward a vision of a world with people aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness.